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Apply For a Home Loan

It's easy to apply for your loan online. Simply answer a few questions about yourself, your property, and your income, debts and assets.


  • The Primary Member on your Tyndall Account must be the FIRST name on the application.

  • If you are applying for a VA loan, however, the Veteran must be the FIRST name on the application.

  • If you are purchasing a home, but you DO NOT HAVE A CONTRACT yet, please select "Unknown Address" as the street address in the application. Then, complete the applicable City, State, and Zip fields as usual.

  • Applying for a Home Equity Line of Credit? Please review these important disclosures.

    HELOC Booklet          HELOC Credit Agreement and Disclosures


  • Before You Start

    How long will it take?

    On average it takes 15-20 minutes.

    What will I need?

    Here are some simple checklists:

  • Your Application

    Need some help?

    Look on the right-hand side of the screen for some helpful hints.

    Short On Time?

    You can save your application at any point and come back later.

  • Once You're Finished

    What happens next?

    Some programs may give you instant online approval.

    If that's not an option?

    Your application will be under review, login at any time to see the current status of your application.

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